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make money online with article marketing autopilot


clickbank cash
(Keep reading to see why the FACT this is ALL 100% FREE Traffic is SO Important)
Go ahead trash half of the Guru Hero crap that’s on your hard drive. 
All of those ebooks, systems, courses, and software are completely worthless.  You already know this…but you are “hoping” that there might be a diamond in the rough.
It’s all garbage.
I know because I chased after this same pipe-dream and came up empty.
I decided to break my guru addiction and here are the results…
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Here’s the Kicker, My software raked in this cash without needing the usual old-school guru tricks.
Keep reading as I show how to break your dependence on the guru merry-go-round and finally get your unfair share of the profits!
how i escaped
(Clue: I had to forget EVERYTHING & do something DIFFERENT)
I used to be a Cubicle Rat.
Ever watch the movie Office Space?
Well that was my life – stupid reports, bad coffee, and moronic office parties and all.
I averaged 50 hours a week working my butt off in a 4x3 foot box filled with a old computer, a file cabinet, and a trash can. 
Every Christmas I got a $100 bonus and a pat on the ass from my jerk-off boss.   I went to college for 4 years for this crap.
I wanted out so bad that I could taste it.  
When I got home at night, I would kiss my exhausted wife (who was a cube rat). Spend a few hours yelling at the kids. Then after everyone was asleep, head downstairs into my moldy basement to my makeshift office.
I spent most of the time down there going broke spending $77 on ridiculous ebooks. 
I’m not gong to lie the Internet Marketing industry is set-up to milk you and me like cows.
These con men don’t care about you, your future, or your dreams, they just want your dollars.  They think you are their own private ATM Machine and will suck every last penny out of you.
I know because I was gullible as a toddler.  There wasn’t a guru email that I wouldn’t read.  I joined every membership site and threw my money at any goddamn thing that moved
I tried...
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I did it all and ended up face-planting in the concrete.  I spent thousands and only got a few mercy sales from other idiots (just like me!)
Life sucked.
Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t want your pity.  I just want you to know where I started.
One Tuesday afternoon, my boss called me into his office.  After some small talk he says…
“You know Daniel, the company is going through a tight stretch right now.  We need to cut back on some expenses. So we’re laying you off”
After 10 seconds of stunned silence he said…
“Hey why don’t you try to start a business with that internet stuff you toy around with?”
From there – everything was a blur.
Some HR weenie shows up to watch me and a few other guys pack a box with family photos and my Starbucks mug.
On the way out, I remember thinking…depressed
I’m going to shove that “Internet Stuff” down this guy’s throat.
That night, I went home…Grabbed a six-pack and went down into my basement.
And got hammered.
I tried everything the gurus threw at me...
Eating it all up like a hungry vulture...
Over the next few weeks I worked like a mad man to make my affiliate marketing dream a true reality.
I tried blogging where I spent hours writing senseless blog posts that never made me a single dime...
I tried setting up affiliate review sites and spent even longer on SEO, trying to get the useless things ranked.
Then I decided to try numerous push button software that only succeeded in pushing me over the edge.
Before I knew it I had burnt through thousands of dollars, especially after I enrolled in this expensive "high value" course from a very well known guru... but the only thing I learned from that course was not to trust these guys anymore!
I bought every darn ebook on affiliate marketing I could get my hands on and still no luck.
Then I finally found something that worked. Something I had never heard discussed before by any guru, or in any ebook.
Something that actually made money consistently, and without any techie headaches.
For the first time I was able to make a profit online. It was small at first. $20 here, the odd $50 sale there.
But the results meant everything to me at the time.
Finally I knew I hit on a winning formula - and the results began to build.
...And that's when I went back to basics and made another shocking discovery.
I tracked the so-called gurus and super affiliates then used my new-found research skills to pull apart what they did.
I quickly discovered that they didn't practice what they preached!
In fact they did the exact opposite.
It didn't matter, with my new idea, I was dialed in and after a week I started to attract more and more traffic in less and less time.
Within a few weeks of making my discovery, I was clearing a consistent full time living online. And initially, I was ecstatic.
But soon my ecstasy turned to frustration. There was a problem.
My income was taking me every waking hour of the day to earn. The traffic and commissions trickled in consistently... but there just weren't enough hours in the day to make any money.
However one day, I hit on an idea on how to improve the method I was using that kept me up for the entire night.
Since bankruptcy was a real possibility I didn't have the luxury of giving up. With mounting bills and debts, I just had to take this to the next level. I was like a starved pit-bull.
Soon, I was making enough money to keep me out of the unemployment line. But there was still this looming problem...
(Don’t Try This at Home!)
The system that I created depended on finding a new market and setting up a "affiliate gateway" to attract and convert the traffic.
After a few weeks, I refined the whole process. It was foolproof.
The only problem is that each income stream took 8 hours to set-up.  Way too long to make any serious money with.
So I decided to automate the entire process.
I just wanted to fire up the software, fill in a few blanks, and click a button. From there the software would set-up the entire network on automatic. My dream was to set up 10 new income streams a night.
I quickly found out I didn’t have the programming chops to pull this off.
So I asked the tech nerds at my old job where I could find the best programmers. 
They told me the real coding ninjas hung out in shady music trading forums, bootleg movie sites, and identity theft rings.
They warned me to stay the hell away from these guys.  A white-bread Dell computer jockey like myself should just stick to rent-a-coder.
Normally, I’m pretty chicken-shit about this stuff but I decided to take a chance.
I arranged a meeting with 3 programmers who took freelance jobs.
That night I received an email from 2 of them.  Each email was rude.  Basically they asked “What the F*ck you want? Don’t waste my time”.
I sent what I wanted to each of them with my budget. 
I instantly got a reply from one… “Screw you – it can’t be done – I don’t work with idiots”
Pissed off I asked him for references.  Again he told me to screw myself. After some pushing he told me that his clients wouldn’t take a call from some straight-laced Midwest American loser.
I got the point.
Scared as hell, I negotiated a fee.  It was more than I paid for my wife’s minivan!
But, something told me that this guy was the real deal and we settled on a down payment.  After a 3 hour shouting match with my wife, I convinced her to let us use the one credit card I hadn’t maxed out.
I wired him the money and waited…computer
5 weeks later he emailed me a zipped file.
I double-clicked it instantly my computer screen went blank.  I was certain that the guy had hacked my computer.
Then, a single prompt came up.  Fingers shaking, I activated the software.  The screen went blank again, and then lines of code scrolled down the screen.  2 minutes later…the program spit out “Finished”
I followed the simple instructions gave me and sat there gobsmacked.
8 hours of work was reduced to 2 minutes.
This shady, mafia hacker had knocked it out of the park.
I was on my way. And in a minute you will be too.
If you are…
NOT a Computer Whiz
NOT Getting a Weekly Trust Fund Check
NOT a Lottery Winner
NOT a Mensa Genius
Then you have the exact qualifications it takes to earn more money you’ve ever thought possible on the Web.
...but don't think just anyone can use my new software tool. I only want people with the right attitude getting their hands on my private app.

(it's that powerful...)
I want to give a WARNING to some of the people who might be here to use Auto Click Profits with some bad intentions.
If this is your intention I suggest you leave this page right NOW
I had shared my discovery in the past out of excitement in a forum to try and help people and it ended up in the hands of spammers and other guys with bad intentions...
These guys used it spam the hell out of people and cheat them out of their hard earnings, which forced me to add some technological changes to it.
No longer will the power of Auto Click Profits be able to be abused by unscrupulous spammers again.
Not sure what I mean by the raw power of ACP? Well the beauty of ACP is that it works with ANY affiliate link of ANY kind. All you need to do is tell ACP where to send the traffic - so you're always in full control.
Let me show you what I mean...
I'm able to generate income from several different sources... this software works on just about EVERYTHING out there!
In fact, its easier than you think.
I bet you’ve been close to breaking through a couple of times before but didn’t know how close you actually were.
So let’s me let you in on the biggest secret on the Internet…
Seriously…any guru that tries to get you to pay for traffic is either lazy or an idiot.  To tell you the truth, these guys don’t even believe their own hype.
In fact, if you spend any time on finding traffic then you are working too hard.  In a moment, I’ll show you how to get a software tool that automatically funnels all the traffic you’ll ever need.
So the next time you hear this obsolete crap – recognize that it’s a complete waste of your time.
When I got this through my skull I hit pay dirt and haven’t looked back since.
Make no mistake..
(Remember….B.S. Doesn’t Work at the Dinner Table)
This is important…
Here’s what you could be depositing into your bank accounts –

That’s called real money folks.  If you are working your butt off to make a hundred dollars then you are working too hard.
If you can barely clear the minimum commissions needed to get a Clickbank check then your software doesn’t work.
If you are spending more than 2 hours a week on your business then you’ve been lied to.
That’s the tough part…Now let’s talk about how you can get out of this mess.
4 step
This software sniffs out free traffic like a bloodhound.  The best part is that no one has a clue how it does it.  That means, that we’ve locked out all the copycats. 
All of this traffic is totally work-free.  The Traffic Comes to You!  You can use the visitors to sell product, build email lists, or generate leads.
For example, I use my traffic to sell digital products.  Right before your eyes I can turn “visits” into dollars…
Description: C:\Users\Paul\Documents\ACP-proof\proof\before after using software.png
But I’ve got to warn you…
Your Life Will Change When You Earn This Much Cash!
I’m not kidding.
You can’t deposit 20,000 checks at the ATM machine.  You’ll need to take a few extra minutes with the bank teller.  Don’t worry they’ll treat you like royalty.
You’ll also need to listen to endless pitches from professional money mangers.  These guys work with “high net worth” individuals (that’s you).  Pick one to work with and then send everyone else to voice mail.
You’ll also need to get a good accountant to make sure Uncle Sam get’s the absolute minimum.
Can you live with that?
Good…Keep reading.
(And Be Making Money While You Sleep... Just Like I Do!)
Lots of people talk about making money while you sleep.  But can you imaging this actually happening?
It’s for real.  It happens to me all the time.
While you are sleeping…
People visit your websites.
Visitors turn into customers when they buy your affiliate products (even your own products!)
Secure 3rd party payment processors collect the money, handle customer service and direct deposit your commission checks.
When you wake-up, you have a cup of coffee, shuffle to your computer, and count your cash.
That easy.
Even if this software was 10% as successful as I say it is – it would be worth thousands of dollars in FREE cash.  In fact, I know of other super affiliates who use software just like this one to make millions – and they wouldn’t sell it for anything!
That sucks…
Because most of these clowns sell ebooks and software that claims to do what my Underground Software does but comes no where close. 
They feed you the crap and keep the good stuff for themselves.greed
We’ve decided to flip the whole industry on its head.
Here’s the sad truth…
About 1% of the people who buy this software will reverse-engineer it and try to flood the market with a cheap knock-off.
So in order to protect your income streams…
We are Restricting Who Gets the Opportunity to Profit With Auto Click Profits.
The last need we need is for the heavyweights to go on a holy war and screw up your ability to make money.
That’s why we are strictly limiting access to the ACP Software to 299 people.  No more no less.  We are hoping that this will keep the software below the scammers radar for the time being.
During that time you can build your business and put your finances on a firm foundation.
So, let’s talk about the elephant in the room….
You have TWO options:
A fair price for Auto Click Profits would be $797…
But honestly that’s probably outside of your comfort zone.
Still, considering that all the income you’ll earn is passive and recurring, even that price makes a ton of sense.
However, we don’t want to spend the next 6 months trying to convince you to make this investment.  In fact, we need some decisive, calculated, risk-takers to take the software through its paces.
We have a hunch you will be that person.
To help you out, we’ve dropped the price to $97.
Even that seemed a little high.
So we cut the price to just $39.
That’s a steal.

Frankly, This isn’t Even a Tough Decision!
You’ve tried living your life the old way.
There are plenty of people who are happy to take your job and punch the clock.  You have a whole country that are blindly watching their retirement go down the drain.
There’s no shortage of sheep who are hoping to have money fall out of the sky.
You’re reading this letter because you want more.
You want a change and you KNOW that hesitating now is a vote for your old life.
Turn the key.
Grab this limited-time opportunity know.
Look out the window again.  There are people who are making their own way and there are people who are letting the world have its way with them.
Which group are you in.
I’m betting on you.
Make your decision now…
Order Now Via Our 100% Secure Order Form
I'm ready to make unlimited affiliate commissions with very little effort, and I understand that this system can work for me even when everything else has failed.
I also understand that:
  • This software can finally give me the freedom and lifestyle that I've been seeking for so long...
  • My life will never, ever be the same from the second I hit the order button below...
  • I'm finally going to be able to make some real money, fire my boss, and start doing ANYTHING I want with my time...
  • And I'm completely and totally aware that I'm fully protected by your 8 week, iron-clad, bullet-proof, no-wiggle-room guarantee...
Instant Download... Even If It's 3AM!

P.S. If you're really serious about making money, this is exactly what you need. What more could you want? We're giving you a proven system that makes money almost immediately, believe me this will sell out
P.P.S. Don't forget this is completely and utterly risk free for you. We're guaranteeing it for a whole 8 weeks... so go ahead, download it, try it out. If you're not happy during the next 2 months, shoot us a quick email, and we'll process an instant refund... and you can even keep the software and bonuses for your trouble!
P.P.P.S.  If for some crazy yo are not happy, we will we refund every red cent of your money in full, so all the risk is on US.. Just go ahead and download this now...

... and by next week be making enough money to quit your job - comfortably. It's your call:

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